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I Can't Wait
to Meet You

Let our journey together begin.

Step One

Peruse my About Me page to get to know me, my skills, my business,

and how I can serve you.


Step Two

Submit your new guest appointment request profile so I can be fully prepared for our consultation.

Image by Kari Shea

Step Three

Arrive feeling relaxed and confident, and walk away feeling like your best self. I can’t wait to meet you!

Image by Alyssa Strohmann

The Pre-Visit

Seeing a new stylist can be tough, I want to make this process as simple and comfortable as possible!

Fill out a new client form first! I ask a few questions that help prepare me for our consultation upon your arrival. That way we don't feel like complete strangers when you come in! 

Look through my services and determine the right ones for you. My online booking system should make it easy for you to schedule. If you have any questions about what to book you can reach out to me by text or email. I will respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

I will reach out to you after booking your appointment to confirm and to ask any follow up questions regarding your appointment

Chair with flat pillow

The Consultation

Look up pictures! Bring more than one! Find things you like, find things you don't like!  What are your hair goals? Remember to keep it real. Find inspiration with pictures that resemble your hair color, density and texture. Remember it's a comb, not a wand! ;)

Please always come with clean dry hair. It will make for a better consultation visually for formulating and for an overall better color service.

Please ask any questions you may have. I want all guests to feel heard and to feel that we are both on the same page.

After Goodbye

After you leave you can expect a follow up from me! I will shoot you a text or email to ask you about your hair and your service. I'll probably throw some after care tips at you.

Hopefully, you have fallen in love with your new hair home! And I can look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

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